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At Omak Meats butchery we’re proud to have a team of expert craftsmen who have mastered their art and take the utmost pride in their work. Our Whangarei butchers discover flavours and nuances that only comes from years of experience and a real passion and dedication to quality.

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A selection of our products are available for purchase online. Please see shipping to view our delivery area and days and time required for pick-up orders. Order online today and discover the difference a master butcher can make to the taste of your meal.

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We cater for Restaurant and Trade too and our commitment to quality, from the farm to the kitchen, is what ensures we have the best tasting meat in Whangarei.

An experienced butcher is a master craftsman who knows just how to get the best taste from each cut of meat, making the most of every part of the animal. At Omak Meats butchery, our qualified butchers are also there to help you select your meat and provide advice on how to cook it to perfection – because we believe home-cooked meals are the best meals.

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